Exclusive: Chandrababu’s new strategy: Pawan – to “fix” BJP..!!

The TDP leader is preparing a new political strategy. Chief Minister Jagan is trying to bring the leaders of the opposition parties on a united platform. Amaravati is being made a stage for this. Chandrababu’s strategy is to go with the Janasena-BJP in the upcoming elections to topple the YCP government in AP. The TDP leaders are predicting that there has been a change in Pawan Kalyan, who wanted to stay with them till now, after the meeting with the Prime Minister.

At the same time, there is no positive signal from the BJP for a reunion at the center of Amaravati. And.. all the parties including the BJP are opposing the way the YCP government is dealing with the three capitals. With this, there is reliable information that TDP chief Chandrababu is planning to invite all of them at the Amaravati venue for the first public meeting. Chandrababu will invite people to come to this meeting to support the farmers of Amaravati regardless of parties and politics. Chandrababu’s strategy is to usher in the unity of the opposition on the platform of the Assembly. For this, it has been decided to invite Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan, BJP AP president Somu Veerraju along with Left and Congress leaders.

Invitation to all parties including Pawan Chandrababu also hopes to give a counter to the struggle of YSP Visakhapatnam about the three capitals through this assembly. For this, it has been decided to mobilize people from 175 assembly constituencies. During Chandrababu’s tour in Kurnool district, there were local protests in support of the High Court. But, Chandrababu did not respond. People from Uttarandhra – Rayalaseema will be gathered and a huge public meeting will be organized in Amaravati. The march of Amaravati farmers has already stopped. At this time, Chandrababu’s aim is to bring all the parties who have a consensus on the Amaravati issue on one platform and take future steps based on the response from those parties. December 18 has been fixed for this purpose.

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