FIFA WC 2022: Qatar’s story is different.. Feast of beauty.. If you wear indecent clothes, you will go to jail!

Hyderabad: The time has come for the soccer match that the whole world is eagerly waiting for. FIFA Football World Cup 2022 will kick off in two days (November 20). Qatar, one of the Arab countries, is hosting this big tournament which is a craze all over the world. Fans are getting ready to go to Qatar to watch this game which is appreciated all over the world. A lot of fans from countries like America and UK, where football is influential, have left for Qatar. It can be said that this soccer competition, which will be held for almost a month, is a festival for the fans. And every time the FIFA World Cup is held, women and young girls stand as an extra attraction with their beauty.

The previous tournaments were held in Europe. Partying, drug use and sex are common there. This time the World Cup will be held in Qatar, a traditional Muslim country. Here the story is different. The laws here are very strict. Punishments are imposed according to Muslim law, Sharia. So the fans who come for the FIFA World Cup should be careful about four things.

  1. Alcohol..
    As in the West, drinking alcohol is a legal offense in Qatar. Liquor is usually available only in licensed hotels and bars. Qatar government has given some relaxations in the wake of FIFA World Cup. It ordered the police to act as if drinking alcohol in the places where the matches are held. If you get drunk and make noise on the roads, you will have to count the oosas in jail.

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