KCR’s child can’t tap the phone?: Dharmapuri Arvind welcomes Kavitha’s announcement

Nizamabad: Nizamabad BJP MP Dharmapuri Aravind reacted strongly to TRS MLC Kalwakuntla Kavitha’s comments on his house being attacked and destroyed by TRS workers. Kavita is speaking with arrogance. He said that KCR, KTR and Kavitha’s caste pride has increased tremendously.

Kavitha.. Arvind asked who gave Kavitha the right to threaten her 70-year-old mother and beat up other women besides creating destruction in her house saying that this is not an aristocratic rule. He said that this is not a rule to act according to Kavita’s wishes. Arvind said that MLC Kavitha feels that the political career has come to an end and he will understand it

Dharmapuri Arvind welcomed Kavita’s announcement and said that Siddhamanna is inviting Kavita’s announcement to contest against him as MP. Kavitha said that he was very happy that his request was granted. Still wish her to stand her ground. Arvind said that he is waiting for the notification of 2024 Lok Sabha elections..

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