Leader: He came out of the party and showed his strength in the elections. With petrol bombs and knives?

CHENNAI: A man in politics is very kind to everyone. Due to unexpected reasons, the person contested the elections as a candidate of independent party and won as panchayat chairman, as panchayat chairman the person was in touch with everyone. That political leader is constantly traveling from one area to another. The political leader who had left for work was chased by his opponents who threw petrol bombs on him and attacked him with knives and brutally murdered him without any chance to escape.

A man named Venkatesh alias Sketch (49) lives in Gudavancheri area near Manimangalam in Kancheepuram district near Chennai City, who came out of the party. Venkatesh was very active in a party. However, due to differences in contesting the elections, Venkatesh came out of the party.

He has shown his strength in the elections In Tamil Nadu, there will be competition along with the MLA elections, just like the union elections and panchayat chairman elections. Venkatesh who is in politics is very good with everyone. Due to some reasons, Venkatesh contested the Madambakkam Panchayat Chairmanship election in Chennai as an independent party candidate.

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